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How to Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

When the recession hit in 2006, I went for 6 months with no income. I was broke and I didn’t know what do.

It was one of the hardest times of my life.

All of these marketing gurus were offering their programs for thousands of dollars. All of these get rich schemes.

I wanted to do something honest. To be able to bring in a paycheck to my family.

I am not a guru. I am not selling a get rich scheme. I know you are a hard working individual. The only thing holding your business back from massive GROWTH is a few know-how secrets.

I will show you exactly how I did it, nothing held back.

How I started a junk hauling business and went from 0 income to $10,000-plus per month.

I reached out to all my real estate contacts. I had been working in real estate for the past 18 years. I have friends in preservation companies, asset companies, investors clubs, loan servicing companies

One of my friends suggested that I sign up with a national preservation company. I did not want to go from taking real estate listings to hauling junk. But the universe works in mysterious ways.

I signed up for the preservation company. These types of contracts are usually only available to real estate insiders. You have to know someone, and there is a certain way to ask when signing up.

When I started: I started with nothing. No money, no contacts, no equipment, no dump truck – NADA. In a few months I was making $10,000 plus per month.

Insider Secret 1
Knowing the real estate market. During the recession work with bank owned properties companies such as:

  • REO Agents
  • Asset Companies
  • Preservation Companies
  • Servicing Companies
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions

During the recessions millions of properties were lost to foreclosure. Someone has to

  • Cleanup
  • Maintain Lawns
  • Board up Properties
  • Maintain Pools
  • Cover Pools
  • Tree Trimming
  • Rehab properties
  • and more…

During the recession there is more work than anyone can handle. You just have to know how to tap into this kind of work.

In my area there were approximately 10,000 foreclosure a month. I would complete between 80 – 120 trash-outs per month. I would receive 1% of the work. I would regularly turn away work. Each job was between $1,000 – $1,500.00

The bank offered us other work
At the peak we were completing 800 grass cuts per month on bank owned properties. The bank was paying $35 per grass cut per visit. Most of the lawns were dead. We simply had to show up to the property. Take condition photos of the property, and weed wack some weeds.

The bank paid $35.00

cost to cut grass $20.00
update and invoice $5.00
Total cost $25.00
Net profit $10.00 per grass cut

800 x $10.00 = $8,000.00 for grass cuts I did not do.

Insider Secret 2

I started right before the recession hit. You have show up early to the party. To make it big you have to be ready to jump into the business. When the market is declining then everyone and his brother in law is trying to get into the business. By this time it’s too late.

Insider Secret 3

Know when to adjust your advertising/marketing/business strategy. Real Estate In America runs in cycles. There are lows and highs.

Insider Secret 4

Do not try to clean up bank owned properties during a strong economy. There will always be bank owned properties to clean up although not there is during a recession.

The economy started to recover. The orders from cleaning up bank owned properties started declining.

I built a nice business, I had some killer crews. I adjusted my marketing to work with construction companies that were building new buildings, room additions, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, etc.

We transitioned from cleaning bank owned properties to working with contractors that were building new homes, room additions, kitchen and bathroom remodeling.
The contractor’s soon offered us different types of job.


I will build you a fully optimized website with up to 15 pages of optimized content.

  • Fully SEO Optimized Website – Yoast green. We will determine the best keywords for your city and work area.  We will install social media buttons linking your website to your social media pages.
    Value $2,500.00
  • 12 fully optimized blog posts/ month
    Value $300.00 per month – $3,600/ year
  • 4 YouTube videos/ month
    Value $100.00 per month – $1,200/ year
  • 8 Facebook posts/ month
    Value $200.00 per month – $2,400/ year
  • 24 tweets a month
    Value $79 per month – $978/ year
  • Free website (hauling website only) after we discover a profitable niche.
    Value $2500
  • Include 1 hour consultation per month with me -Eddie Zubia to strategize the best way to grow your business. Brainstorm next logical step for your marketing.
    Value $85 per month – $1,020.00/ year

You are getting a Total Value of $14,198 for only $4,464.00

Get started today for only $97.00

You will receive a $1,000 valued Junk Hauling website in the 1st month when you start my program.

By purchasing our services, you agree to pay installments of $397/month for the following 11 months to Eddie Zubia. You can cancel our services at any time within the 12-month period. After the 12 months period, you will pay your hosting services and domain fees, which is about $100.00 per year. If you want us to continue doing your marketing after the 12-month period, we will continue to grow your business based on a new agreement.

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