About Me

Eddie Zubia real estate and marketing expert
Eddie Zubia real estate & marketing expert

For the past 25 plus years, I have learned a lot in the real estate industry. I have earned a nice living, and now I want to pay the favor forward. Every position I have held gave me an opportunity to build a network of professional contacts:

  • Real estate record offices
  • Lenders
  • Lawyers specialized in real estate and bankruptcy
  • Trustees of the bankruptcy court – California
  • National mortgage companies
  • National real estate brokerages
  • Owned/Operated the finest preservation business in CA
  • Owned/Operated junk removal/ construction cleanup/ demolition business

Now, I spend a considerable amount of time with startup real estate agents, loan agents and general contractors/ construction companies. It is really fulfilling to see them find their footing in the industry and GROW FAST.

“Real estate has a job for everyone”.

~My mentor.

There is a place in real estate that fits you the most. Take a positive action now, reach out to me at (213) 221-1244 to find the perfect real estate career for you.


We are located at:

World Trade Center
350 South Figueroa St
Suite 280
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Office Phone (213)221-1244